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WA Culture and Aboriginal Attractions

The Aboriginal Australian culture is a diverse culture and one of the oldest and most fascinating on earth. The origins date back atleast 50,000 years and the Aboriginal society has always adapted to meet the differing needs created in our environment and society since the colonisation of Australia in 1788.

Visit Perth and learn about the old ways, forage for bush foods, track native animals, hear ancient stories, use traditional implements and discover a world that will capture your imagination and sense of adventure! 


Bindi Bindi Dreaming aims to showcase unique Aboriginal culture of Perth, Western Australia. Bindi Bindi Dreaming will allow visitors to gain a better understanding about its traditional people whom are local to the Perth/Metropolitan area and share their continuation of cultural traditions.


Guided walking tours in Perth City. The land (boodjar) where Perth now stands is regarded as ‘Mother’ to the local Nyungar people, whose ancestors lived in complete harmony with the eco system of the Swan Coastal wetlands for over 40,000 years – moving with the rhythm of their 6 seasons, embracing the balance of nature. Your Nyungar guide will lead you along tracks, revealing links between past and present, immersing you in the Dreamtime legends and in a unique perspective of ancient and modern day Perth.


Enjoy a gourmet taste of Australia’s traditional food cooked in native spices while you listen to the stories of the Noongar people.


Experience immersion in our First Nations heritage through authentic cultural stories and cuisine whilst cruising the Swan River.


With the support of our family, Nyungar Tours has created an opportunity to share authentic Aboriginal cultural tours, experiences, products and services in and around Perth, Western Australia with people from all over the world.


Warrang-Bridil is a 100% Aboriginal owned and operated tour company based in Perth, Western Australia. As the Elders of yesterday sat around the camp fires passing on stories of Nyoongar Culture, Ceremony and History, today they are guided by their spirits to continue the ancient practice.

For more information on Aboriginal tours and experiences, please see the Western Australian Indigenous Tourism Operators Council (WAITOC) website here


Do you want to travel outside of Perth? Discover what Australia has to offer. Start planning your Conference itinerary and include Australia’s word renowned destinations.